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Stratodesk software is the solution that enterprises around the world are using to secure and manage entire fleets of different endpoint devices. Our software helps leading enterprises and organizations not only manage edge devices but to lower hardware, software, and management costs while increasing the vital security of their digital perimeter.


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Stratodesk is redefining end user computing by delivering an all-in-one solution for VDI, DaaS, and IoT markets. Stratodesk’s cutting-edge, Linux-based OS and management suite, NoTouch, is a next-generation, hardware-agnostic solution that enables companies to cost-effectively manage their entire secure digital perimeter. Stratodesk’s solution works seamlessly across x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi-based hardware products to provide a unified platform for your endpoints. It also increases endpoint security, simplifies the user experience, and allows customers to maximize the benefits of existing desktop hardware through PC Conversion.

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