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Stratodesk software is the #1 solution for enterprises worldwide. Convert existing devices into VDI/Cloud endpoints and manage them from one administration console.

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Our TechTalk webinars feature industry insiders, leaders and experts talking about what's new in the Stratodesk ecosystem, and pertinent topics for anyone in the world of EUC and VDI.

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Our TechTalks are a great place to learn about the newest features and product updates in Stratodesk software. Also, learn about upcoming events you won't want to miss!

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Make Remote Work Better

Learn about how Stratodesk is making remote work better for your users as we transition into the new workplace norm. Find out how things like:

  • Cutting edge collaboration tools
  • Endpoint monitoring solutions
  • Windows Virtual Desktop Linux Client

are making the lives of thousands better every day around the world. 


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